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Need an alcohol and drug evaluation? We provide alcohol and drug assessments and other services in the Greater Houston Area in a timely, professional, compassionate manner to help you get back to your life.

Who We Are

Affordable Evaluations provides mental health and substance abuse evaluations for all agencies for all 50 states.  No matter the reason for an evaluation, we can help! We are licensed and certified to perform evaluations for Texas and out-of-state entities. We offer expedited turnaround and delivery of your evaluation report. Evaluations are conducted for the following entities and reasons:

Let Us Be Your Guide Back To Work

Let Us Be Your Guide In Getting You The Drug & Alcohol Evaluation You need



Why Choose Us


We respect your time and will work with you accordingly.


We take ownership in our services and treat our clients with utmost respect.


We care about the industry and people. Our prices are both competitive and fair.


Rest assured, we prioritize that your case is confidential with us.

We Are Dedicated To Assisting You

Did you fail a drug test or DISA background check? If so, you know that being out of work is no fun. All is not lost though, as there are steps you can take to fix your DISA or pass a new drug test so that you can return to your job and normal way of life! That’s why there’s Affordable Evaluations! We provide Return to Duty programs for DISA, DOT, ASAP, and NASAP in the Houston, Texas area. We also provide top-notch drug and alcohol evaluations for businesses and courts both in Houston and out-of-state! Not only that, but we also have programs for substance abuse treatment. Basically, we’re equipped with all the tools to get you drug and alcohol-free so you can get back to work! Losing your job due to a failed drug or alcohol test is a tough blow to take. Yet for many, it’s also the wake-up call they need to address their problem. Whether you have substance abuse issues or just made a mistake, Affordable Evaluations will help you get back to work. Our staff is approachable, empathetic, and completely dedicated to what they do! When you choose Affordable Evaluations, you’re in safe and caring hands. Now that you’ve got a feel for what we do at Affordable Evaluations, what are your specific needs? Do you need to enroll in the Return to Duty program for the DOT? Do you want to fix your DISA and get back to work in Houston? Great! Advanced Evaluations is equipped to help you do just that and more!

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