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With thousands of alcohol and drug evaluations completed, Affordable Evaluations is a leading service provider for the greater Houston area businesses, courts, attorneys, probation, employers, and all other regulating agencies. We promise expediency, courtesy, affordability, and confidentiality without compromise.

Evaluation Assistance Out-Of-State

Tammy Samour is nationally certified in mental health and substance abuse counseling which means she meets the qualifications needed to conduct these services for out-of-state entities as well.  If you are in Texas but need an evaluation for an out-of-state regulating entity or attorney, our evaluations are nationally accepted. We offer expedited turnaround and delivery of your evaluation report. Reasons you may need an evaluation are:

Probation | Pre-trial Diversion

Have you been arrested and convicted of a crime and are now serving probation? Did you violate the terms of your probation?  Or, are you currently in a pre-trial diversion program? If so, you most likely will be required to submit to a drug and alcohol evaluation.  Whether your case is in Texas or out-of-state, we have vast experience with the service you are needing and required to complete.

Attorney | Divorce | Family Court | Drug Court

In many occasions, your attorney may require you to submit to an alcohol & drug evaluation.  Some examples include a drug or alcohol related arrest, divorce, child custody, or other legal issues.  Do you need a quick turnaround on your evaluation? Call us, we can expedite your report.

Child Protective Services (CPS)

If you have an active case involving child protective services, the protective entity or your attorney may require you to submit to an alcohol & drug evaluation.  Whether you are being asked by Child Protective Services (CPS), adhering to a court-ordered requirement, or for any other reason or entity, we can help you get the professional and reliable alcohol & drug evaluation you need.


Employees are the most valuable assets a company has.  Most businesses do their best to retain their best employees.  However, people make mistakes. If you have an employee you are trying to retain, but want to know if they have a substance abuse problem for whatever reason, you may send them to Affordable Evaluations where they will receive affordable, timely, professional services that meet or exceed your goals.  If you are an employee who has been told you need an evaluation, please call our office today.


We are certified and licensed to provide alcohol & drug evaluations needed for any reason and for all entities, including out-of-state organizations.  We provide alcohol & drug evaluations with integrity and care. With our qualifications and vast experience, we will provide high quality, compassionate, professional, confidential services.

Why Choose Us


We respect your time and will work with you accordingly.


We take ownership in our services and treat our clients with utmost respect.


We care about the industry and people. Our prices are both competitive and fair.


Rest assured, we prioritize that your case is confidential with us.

Let Us Be Your Guide In Getting You The Drug & Alcohol Evaluation You need

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